Spring cleaning

Apr 10, 2024

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Spring has finally sprung, and like every year, we welcome the longer, warmer days with open arms. We are already ready to get on our bikes and switch to our lighter clothes! But before we get to that, there are things to put away and some needing a good wash!

Many people choose to have a big spring cleaning spree. The change of season is the perfect time to sort things out and prepare the house for warmer days.

If you're like me, your Christmas decorations might still be hanging around inside and outside the house. Laziness, lack of time or nostalgia? I don't know, but they NEED to be taken down to get everything ready for brighter and warmer days.

To help you accomplish this endeavor, I have listed some tips:

Break down the tasks

Spring cleaning can be very scary for many. To make your life easier, I have created a printable list of tasks to do, depending on the room in the house. Beware of anxiety, this list may seem exhaustive at first glance; WE DON’T DO EVERYTHING IN THE SAME DAY.

The idea is to go room by room and tackle one task at a time. When it is completed, we check, and we move on to the next one. Feeling of pride guaranteed!

Share tasks

In an ideal world, we would share the list with the whole household so that everyone chips in with the chores. After all, you all benefit from a clean home. Give each other challenges and rewards, if that helps!

Never underestimate the joy brought by a home that smells good

Okay okay. I own a scented products business. Obviously I appreciate when spaces smell amazing. In all honesty,, every time my beloved mother-in-law comes to clean the house (once every 2 weeks, and thank you so much, mother-in-law!), the first thing I say when I come home in the evening: haaaaaaaaaaa it smells so good ! It’s inevitable, just like the joy on my face.

For me, cleanliness smells like Mint + Rosemary. I light this scented candle while doing my chores and I perfume the rooms after putting everything away. Instant happiness.

We also put together some of our favorite cleaning related items in a pretty gift box. It includes a linen dish towel made by Confetti Mill, a solid Citrus + Herbs dish soap by Blanc Savonnerie, 3 dryer balls, a Mint + Rosemary scented oil and a Citrus + Sage room spray. Personally, I really wouldn't be upset to receive it as a gift (especially if it comes with a helping hand with daily cleaning!)

A good organizational system

When it comes to home organization, I have 2 gurus. First Marie Kondo (I wrote an article about her right here), and The Home Edit. I am in total admiration with the organizational systems these women come up with. I could spend hours watching them do their thing and organize everything.

What I remember most is that everything in a house should have ITS place, and return there when not in use. It seems so simple in theory, but with 2 young children, it's a little less so (parents just know I understand you!).

I still try to take inspiration from their tips to find simple organizational solutions that suit our family and our lifestyle. For example, I know that we leave our bags lying around when we enter, so I installed a bench whose sole purpose is to hold our bags, rather than having them on the floor.

There are a bunch of gadgets and systems that help keep things in the right place, for example:

A rack for pot lids

A shoe rack for the door

A DIY cart on wheels

A vertical shoe cabinet

I hope I have helped you in some way, or at least motivated you to take on the tasks ahead.

Happy Spring cleaning! xx

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