#girlcrush: Marie Kondo, professional tidier

Sep 8, 2021

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Have you ever heard this name somewhere? Are you already a fan of the KonMari method? Did you binge-watch her two series on Netflix in pursuit of happiness? I did!

For those who have no idea who I am talking about, Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant. A what? A beautiful little lady with a charming smile who comes to your house to help you organize your home, and by extension, your life. Her KonMari method is based on the principle of sorting everything you own into categories, keeping only what sparks joy. Once the editing is done, you find each preserved object's storage place and you make sure to always put it back there. If this little summary speaks to you, I would recommend that you to read her bestseller: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you're not a fan of books, Netflix also has two series, Tidying up and Sparking Joy.

Cleaning MY ENTIRE HOUSE? Yes, it's a darn big job. Even more so if you have children who take out 4 toys every time you put one back and a boyfriend who uses the staircase as a hamper. But that's one more reason to do it; show them that everything should have its place and that you don't need overflowing cupboards to be happy. In any case, this is the goal that I have set for myself. Wish me luck.

We often see housework as a heavy and time-consuming task. What I learned with Marie Kondo is that it can be sweet and pleasant. She even suggests to lighten the mood by putting on some music and lighting a candle. Needless to say, I liked this idea. (psst! my favorite "cleaning mood" candle? Mint + Rosemary!) What I love most about the KonMari method is that it not only changes the state of our home (bye bye overflowing closets, the drawers that no longer close and the hours of looking for that darn overdue bill I misplaced), but above all it changes the way we think and see the things around us. Who else has a box of valuables hidden under the bed and a shelf full of books they'll never read again right in the middle of the living room? And why?

We often talk about spring cleaning. I prefer the fall one, however, because we are about to spend a lot more time inside. Might as well make it pleasant! So time to get boxes, garbage bags and your Bryan Adams playlist. Light up a candle, it's time to edit!

photos: konmari.co

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