I'm coming over, what should I bring?

Nov 2, 2023

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

You're probably going to tell me that a bottle of wine always does the trick and I can't blame you. But for friends who are a little too fancy for a regular bottle, or those who don't consume this sacred beverage, it can’t hurt to reinvent yourself.

A crackling candle

Well, of course I might be a little biased, but we are often told that our candles make excellent gifts. And I couldn’t agree more. One of our favorite customers even told us that she always has several as backups, for impromptu get-togethers. Some of our classic fragrances are rather unanimous, which makes them a fairly safe choice, especially if you don't really know the olfactory tastes of your host.. This is the case with Citrus + Sage or Mint + Rosemary.

A good book

I don't know about you, but I invite you over for dinner and you bring me McCartney's or Britney’s biography, there's a chance I'll want to marry you. This may not apply to all hosts, but for book lovers, it might be a good idea! I also recommend a few titles in this article.

Support a local artist

Of course, being part of a cooperative as inspiring as le 507 makes you want to buy eeeeverything. It’s full of handmade treasures and I am so impressed by the quality of the products made right here in Mauricie. You can pick between a plant in a beautiful macramé, a pretty crown of dried flowers or a small hand-turned mug, the spectacular range of products is quite vast. If you are not in our area, I am sure there are many stores supporting local artists nearby. Otherwise, buying online is always an option! Several artisan shops have an online platform. La Fabrique 1840 from Maison Simons is a great platform to find a lot of handmade Canadian objects. Womance also has a section on its site to highlight Quebec creators.

But once again, I won't blame you if you opt for the traditional bottle of wine.

So, when are you coming over for dinner?

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