Summertime happiness

Jun 26, 2023

by Roxane Gagnon

New hobbies? Needing to discover new places? I have made it my mission to help you discover activities to do this summer.

1- Pickleball

Well, it's a bit of a running gag at Flambette... Pickleball is my new passion. Our dear friend Mylène describes it so well, it's a mix between badminton, tennis and ping pong. For the time being, I’m mostly playing with my boyfriend and I swear it's been a good little workout! Okay, it's not exactly like doing a crossfit class, but as my Apple Watch puts it, it’s like a brisk walk. Bonus: there are plenty of courts around where you can play, for free. A new inexpensive hobby? YESSS!

2- Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater

It’s the perfect date or activity to do with family or friends, watching a movie outside with a projector will please everyone! Take this as the perfect opportunity to buy your favorite snacks and organize an extra cozy atmosphere with lots of pillows and blankets. Still with said projector, it is also the perfect setting to do a yin yoga class under the stars. There are plenty of classes available on youtube, you will certainly find one to your liking. Namaste!

3- Support a local small business

Next time you’re craving ice cream, consider trying a small local company. On our side, we can't wait to try the new flavors of sorbets from Chocolaterie Samson. The coconut one and the passion fruit one are screaming my name. Yummmmm!! We also want to visit the charming Café Lewis. We will have to try our best not to buy all their merch at once!

4- Relaxation session

Your body is sore because of your frenzied games of Pickleball? Nobody craves a hot bath in the summer, but how about a refreshing bath with the aromas of pineapple and cilantro, it's summery and perfect for relieving your sore muscles. I also suggest you enjoy a little Mai Tai if you want to add a festive touch to your bath. No swimming pool? No problem. Bath tub party!

I hope to have given you a few ideas. Happy Summer! 

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