I got influenced and I’m not mad about it

May 6, 2024

by Roxane Gagnon

Having a TikTok account also means accepting that the algorithm will tempt you with a multitude of products. This then comes with a significant responsibility: deciding which trends are worth taking the amex out for.

So, I've decided to share with you the ones that are a big yes for me!

1- Heatless curls

This trend has only pros and no cons in my opinion. Waking up with beautiful curls after minimal effort before bed? Count me in. To prepare my hair, I lightly dampen it and use Dae styling cream. I recently started twisting my hair in two directions for a more natural look, and I must say I really like it. After twisting my hair around the satin rod, I go to bed looking absolutely ridiculous (my poor partner) and in the morning, I remove the rod and apply hairspray generously. I've tried many of them, believe me. The one that works best for my very fine, straight hair is the Amika Headstrong. If you're trying to grow your hair and want to minimize heat damage, you must try this trend.

2- Korean skincare

You've probably seen every other beauty influencer talk about it, it's all the rage. So far, the products that have greatly improved my skin's texture and brightness are the Anua cleansing oil and the Corsx snail mucin. The cleansing oil contains heartleaf extract and is excellent for pores! If you try it, don't forget to wash your face a second time with a water-based cleanser. This step called “double-cleansing” is crucial: you need to remove the oil residues, and it leaves your skin clean but not dry. The ingredients are simple and prioritize skin barrier health. Korean skincare is a yes!

3- Pickleball

You might be thinking: Roxane, how many of your articles will talk about pickleball? We get it. Listen, my passion is still as strong as the first day. We played indoors every Tuesday during the winter, and believe it or not, as of writing these words on April 16, I've already played three times outside this season. The wind wasn't great, but when you're in love, it's not always perfect... Jokes aside, I'm telling you again, if you're looking for a hobby to spend time outdoors and get some exercise, take up pickleball, friends!

4- Dry brushing

With the changing season, who doesn't want to get rid of their dry skin and finally have an even, glowing complexion? Dry brushing is exactly that: a body exfoliation to do before a bath or shower! This technique also helps to get rid of toxins and improves blood circulation. Your body moisturizer will also penetrate your skin better Dry brushing can be done daily, in the morning to stimulate the body or in the evening to relax before bed. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes using moderate circular motions, neither too strong nor too gentle, with a brush like this one.

I'll leave you with some items I've acquired but haven't yet tried, so I'll tell you more about them later! Currently about to be tested are the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen and rosemary oil for hair growth (maybe in my next article, my hair will be down to my knees). I'll keep you posted! Have you also found any favorite products on TikTok?

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