What she really wants on February 14th

Jan 29, 2024

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

I probably don't know your girlfriend, your bestie or your mother (yo, it's love day, you're allowed to love your mother!), but I do have my share of knowledge in the women department.

I've been one for 33 and a half years, to begin with, and I've met more than one model. I may not be the most standard model, but I feel like I do know enough to have the right to write an article to advise you on what to buy them (or not).

Valentine's Day, like most holidays throughout the year, has become an excuse to spend money. (Ouch, yes, I said it!) That doesn't mean it's not okay or that your partner doesn't want these new shoes, but I think it's time to rethink the nature of this precious and slightly gimmicky "holiday". 

I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that a material gift does not engrave the memory as deep as a temporal gift.

If your girlfriend loves flowers, I'm absolutely not telling you not to buy her some. But maybe a pretty greeting card that you took the time to carefully write could zhuzh it up? I'm sure that if you try hard enough, you can write even better than ChatGPT.

If you were debating offering one of our scented candles to your loved one because they keep saying that they can't live without them, again, it's not a bad idea. But imagine cooking one of their favorite meal and placing said candle on the dining table to enhance the dinner. That’s a freakin home run if you ask me! 

On another note, you could also gift an activity to do together. The 507 coop offers a bunch of workshops where you can let your creativity shine. No need to be an artist or to have any special talent. You are sure to have beautiful memories to remember. The worst that could happen? You risk having lots of fun and want to do it again!

Okay, one more idea! Book a photoshoot to immortalize your love and/or friendship. We loooove Einma Photographe. She has a magical eye for capturing meaningful moments. 

Okay, if you really want to go for chocolate, fine! But at least, opt ​​for something fancy from our favorite chocolatier or something funky like Japanese KitKat!

You'll thank me later! xx

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