A year later...

Jul 3, 2023

by Roxane Gagnon

I can't believe it's already been a year since I joined the tiny but mighty Flambette team. Here are some highlights of my first year at Flambette;

1- A viral video on TikTok

Our video that shows the making of our hand cream has reached 12 million views on TikTok. It's w i l d. I now know that 12 million views also means that there will be people who are complaining, trolling and just straight up mean. I'm new to content creation, so it was far from my reality to suspect that people could be so mean on the internet. Overall, it's gratifying to see that people are interested in seeing our processes and it makes me want to continue doing so. And of course, haters gonna hate.

2- Le 507

I had the chance to meet creators that I had heard of, people that Marie spends a lot of time with and they are absolutely wonderful! Annie from Aletto gives the best hugs in the world, Jaz from Jzkr studio is the sweetest human, Audrey (Audrey Charron Arts) and Adèle (Les produits du Renard) are absolutely lovely and funny and Geneviève (Plante Rosette and Marché Notre-Dame) and Annabelle (Ombelle) brighten up my days everytime we meet. A special thank you to Jean-François from Marché Notre-Dame for the famous bread pudding he brings us every Wednesday. I really can't complain.

3- Multifaceted role

I take care of social media, newsletters, translation, customer service, but I also help with certain aspects of production. When my eyes are tired, I can make hand creams, finish candles, that kind of stuff! Options are always available!

4- The creative aspect

In my previous life in Halifax, I worked for the Department of Transportation. I was compiling documents for court, suspending driver's licenses, etc. My ideas were always well received when I suggested procedural changes, but I did not have the creative freedom that I am lucky to have at Flambette. The girls welcome my ideas with open arms, even if I sometimes write nonsense in the quizzes in our Instagram stories.

The amount of changes that can happen in a year is crazy!  Hoping to continue growing with Flambette for as long as possible!

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