Retailer spotlight: Mamzelle Choses

Nov 15, 2023

by Roxane Gagnon

Tania and I were welcomed with open arms by Hélène, the owner of the charming Mamzelle Choses boutique in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré on September 16.

If you have seen my 100,000 stories, you already know that we loooved it! The store is often in Pop Up mode to introduce local businesses and I wanted to ask Hélène a few questions to help you discover her business which offers a perfect mix of thrifted and new finds!

R: First of all, tell us a little about your background! I already know some details since I asked you a million questions when we met, but it’s too interesting not to start this way!

H: Haha what life do you want me to start with?!! The first one is that of a little girl from Beauce, from a family of entrepreneurs! Then in my teenage years, came my life as an athlete! From 14 to 21 years old I competed in snowboarding (downhill) and over these years I was part of the national team for 7 years, participated for 5 years in the World Cup circuit and came close to going to the Olympics in Salt Lake City (2002).

Subsequently, I stopped everything to find myself and decide on my future (mid-life crisis, surely!). So I went to CEGEP in visual arts, then a semester in interior design to finally go back to Beauce and work with my family in the construction business.

Not long after, I gave birth 3 times in 3.5 years, while getting a diploma in building design virtually, while happily breastfeeding and when my father died in 2014 and the company closed, my boyfriend and I decided to come back to Saint-Ferréol. That's when I created my house plan service company (HC concept) in order to be more present for children.

R: My goodness. You're like a cat with 10 lives! And how did you decide on your concept for Mamzelle Choses? And why Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré?

H: Making plans is fun but it's clearly not creative enough for me!! I like color and everything out of the ordinary! Growing up, my parents would bring us to local decor boutiques and antique shops and at the age of 20 I worked at the Quebec arts and crafts shop. So I always knew that one day I would have my very own store! The concept of Mamzelle Choses is therefore a mixture of everything I love and honestly it feels like home! Eclectic, lots of second-hand items from all kinds of eras, local products, eco-friendly! And Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré because this area was beginning to be updated and it is a very touristic spot.

R: Where do you find the majority of your antique products? But don't spill ALL the tea!

H: It's a mix of thrift stores, garage sales and people who contact me to offer their objects to give them a new life.

R: What thrifted find are you most proud of?

H: Ishhh!!! I am deeply attached to all my finds!!! They are chosen with love and I would like to keep them all for myself haha! But everything I find that is mid-century are my favorite finds!

R: What is your favorite product at the moment?

H: We received our fall line of essential oil products this week and I am in love with the scent! The shea butter hand lotion is perfect and smells like cinnamon heaven!!

R: And finally, we always have to know, what is your favorite Flambette fragrance or product?

H: Pineapple + coriander is pretty much my #1, followed by eucalyptus+mint!! But during the pop-up I bought the Verger room spray and I can't live without it!!! I'm a big autumn spices lover!!

Thanks again for everything Hélène! Best wishes to you and your lovely boutique!

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