May 13, 2023

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Before being a mother myself, I took their importance a bit for granted. I grew up with the comfort of a loving mother and I underestimated how lucky I was..

Now that I gave birth to a little human, I understand the sacrifices my mother made for us (I have 3 brothers!) and I don't have enough words to thank her for everything she gave me and still gives me every day.

Being a mom means offering your body as a home to a stranger for many long months, with the only reward being little kicks here and there, reminding you that it will soon no longer be inside you.

Being a mom is then housing this stranger in your arms, for even longer and having little to no sleep at all. It's surviving with your eyes half closed. Letting your heart guide. It is learning the meaning of the word love all over again, in a whole new way.

Being a mom means filling the house with memories but forgetting yourself a little here and a little there. It’s bumping into toys and having pounding headaches due to your lack of sleep.

Being a mother is the greatest offering.. It’s giving more than you receive. It's drinking your coffee cold. Inventing new laws. Sometimes even breaking them.

Being a mom is all that and so much more at the same time. It’s everything I don't know yet and what I still have to learn from this adventure.

I do realize that motherhood does not manifest itself in the same way for everyone. For some it is a choice. For others, it is life that offered them this role. Others bear the indelible scar of a previous life. One thing is certain, being a mom is an immense privilege. Even bigger than the sacrifices that come with the gig.

Mom, Stepmother, Grandmother; thank you to all those who proudly bear this name.

And especially to mine, who inspires me to teach my children the most beautiful definition of the word Mom.

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