Walls full of art

Aug 29, 2023

by Marie-Michelle

Our workshop inevitably reflects our personality to some extent. Pink powederpuff floors that are impossible not to scratch, our Rifle paper co and ban.do planners, plants everywhere, you get the idea.

Of course, you can also find art by artists who inspire us on the daily. 

Here are some of our favorite illustrations. 

The cover picture of this article is from Out of the. We've always been fans of Claudie's creations and we simply needed to have our own piece in the office. We are thrilled to have been able to have a custom made illustration, we're in love. 

This below piece is near and dear to my heart. It's the first flambette illustration that we have received. It's from our friend Julie, who was also my roommate at the time. It's a watercolor illustration of our peach + ginger candle and I hesitated for a while on wether or not to offer it as a prize in a giveaway and I just couldn't! #sorrynotsorry 

This next one is by Karina Isabelle, an artist and mother who I love to follow on social medias. She created this lovely piece of a limited edition candle that we had gifted to her. I love how soft it is! 

We are truly lucky to have met such amazing people at le 507 coop. Jaz is one of them. This colorful print of peach + ginger is so good you can almost smell the fragrance, don't you think?

Last but definitely not least, we LOVE these two artwork by Maude Gravel aka La Frisée qui bricole. The portrait of Tania and I is especially moving for me. Speaking of personalized portraits, she is super talented, go take a look, it is worth your while! 

We are grateful for all the talented artists who created this pieces. I feel like the collection will keep getting bigger! :) 

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