Jan 27, 2022

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Have you ever tried a massage candle? A what? Okay, perfect. You’re in the right place to learn everything there is to know about it. You know what a candle is, right? And a massage? Awesome, we’re off to a good start.

With Valentine's Day approaching, we were inspired to create a candle that would not only set the perfect atmosphere for an evening for two (or 3, we’re not judging), but which would also have the power to spice up your evening. There’s nothing wrong with your filet mignon on a background of Celine Dion, but after swallowing all this food, it’s very likely that your couch will swallow you for the night (I speak from experience). 

This is where the massage can turn the evening around. This candle, that you previously lit during dinner (so romantic!) will have melted after some time (1-2h at least, to have enough liquid wax/oil). You can now dip your fingers in the hot liquid, avoiding the flame of course! If you're a little nervous about it, you can totally blow it off first. It's not hot enough to burn you, I promise! Rub your hands together for an even distribution and start caressing your partner(s). For an instant heat sensation, if you’re feeling a little wild, you can also pour the wax directly on your partner's skin.

Is it good for the skin? Yup! In addition to 100% natural soy wax, we have added sweet almond oil (moisturizing) and vitamin E (protective and antioxidant). Your skin will thank you (and us!) for it. And what does it smell like? Heaven! We wondered what we would like our skin to smell like during/after a massage and we mixed Tania's favorite fragrance (peach) with mine (almond) to create the absolute perfect scent. It's sweet, it's warm, it makes you hungry. Wink! Wink! We also have a spotify account where we have created some perfect playlists for various moods. There's one called soft-sexu. IYKYK. Enjoy xx

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