Retailer Spotlight - Autour de la table

Jun 10, 2021

by Roxane Gagnon

Tania and Marie are filled with gratitude for their retailers. I decided to introduce some of them to you, starting with Autour de la Table.

Autour de la Table is a café-boutique in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. If you ever need a way to unwind at the end of the day, I suggest you check out their Instagram page. They only sell handmade products and to be honest, it's dreamy. Even their iced coffee reel was perfect!. It is practically an honor to find Flambette there. To help you discover the company some more, I asked a few questions to the charming owner, Caroline.

Roxane: I read that your idea for the name of your café-boutique was inspired by the stories and moments/feelings related to the gatherings around the table. I love the concept! How did your project start?

Caroline: We opened in early December 2014! Odd time to open a store you will say, plus we took a total of 2 or 3 weeks to open our doors! The idea has always been to offer beauty, goodness and quality. To offer products that can be shared, gifted and memorable! Handmade products offer exactly that, so that's why we've always made it our mission!

Roxane: Do you remember your first favorite product?

: My first favourite handmade products were the Sunday morning jam and Christian Roy's ceramics. We still sell both in store and they are among my best sellers.

Roxane: You're going on a picnic, what's in your basket?

Caroline: Oh I'm like a European haha! Baguette, charcuterie, cheese, olives, nuts, fruits and wine!!!!!! (yesssss Caroline!)

Roxane: Do you have a favorite local artist?

Caroline: Oh is this a trap?? I have too many! When you enter this world,… you discover too much beauty, hard to choose!

(Yes, clearly a trap, but she got away with it!)

What is your favorite aspect of your company? Other than being your own boss, of course!

It's the opportunity to grow my business in the direction that I want, to work on different aspects of the business and to realize that I am capable of doing so many things. It must be said that I was far from gifted at school, so knowing that I am able to build a business from very little... it's rewarding!

Thanks to Caroline for agreeing to be part of the first Retailer Spotlight and thanks for promoting local products, including Flambette!

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