Spotlight: Le Girl House

Apr 12, 2023

by Roxane Gagnon

It's been a while since we introduced a new retailer and thankfully, we have tons of new additions!

You know us, we're all about girlpower. When Le Girl house approached us, we obviously had to say yes! Match made in heaven, they say! The Girl House is a boutique salon located in Sainte-Rose. You can find local, natural and ecological products for all hair types and aesthetic needs and above all, Mélanie and Laurie, two experienced stylists and colorists.

They kindly agreed to answer a few questions!

Rox: First of all, tell me how you first met!

M&L: We worked together for several years at St-Laurent coiffure, but our friendship grew stronger during a convention weekend in Toronto.🙃💞

Rox: As experts, is there a trend that came back that you are grateful for?

M&L: To our delight, the 90s style layers and the curtain bangs. We are happy to have texture back in our haircuts!

Rox: Real there a hairstyle you wish you never had?

M&L: The famous “spiked shullet” at the back of the head 😂. Ah and the flashy red hair too… and the shaved neck 🙅🏻‍♀️

(Rox: I will regret having a "spiked shullet" absolutely forever)

Rox: What is your favourite hair product? And the favourite product you offer in store?

M&L: Our favourite hair product is definitely Olaplex #6. An absolute gem for damaged ends. Our favourite product at Le Girl House is the bioplant hair mask. Our clients would literally put it on their toast 🙊!

Rox: I also LOVE Olaplex #6, I'll have to check out the bioplant hair mask though! What should we expect for Le Girl House in 2023?

​M&L: In 2023, Le Girl House will remain faithful to its values. We want to continue to provide a personalized and warm service to our customers. Local and natural products will also continue to be in the spotlight in our shop.

Rox: Awesome! And last but definitely not least; what's your favourite Flambette fragrance? 

M&L: That's a tough one! I think our favourite has to be citrus + sage

Thank you for joining our little flambette fam and answering my questions xx

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