Spice up your relationship!

Jul 8, 2021

by Roxane Gagnon

You have been spending most of your time inside your home for a very long time now. I know, you're happy to spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner but after playing UNO 150 times, you might be a little bored...

Here are some ideas to spice up your relationship!


When my boyfriend and I started our list, a lot of restaurants and breweries were still closed and making a list of places to try this summer gave us hope that we could get out of the house… Now pretty much anything is possible! Here are some examples found on ours:

  • Swim at 10 different beaches (lake or ocean – in Nova Scotia, very doable!)

  • Going downtown by bus for a dinner with drinks (it's my idea, and I don't know why I really want to take the bus, okay…)

  • Find waterfalls

  • Go to Trailway Brewery in Fredericton, New Brunswick

  • Go on 5 dates from The Adventure Challenge


The books are in English, but if you are bilingual, I highly recommend it! The name says it all, it's little mystery adventures you have to scratch off to discover your next challenge. My boyfriend bought the couples version a few months ago and it's really perfect if you need to break your routine. If you take yourself really seriously, this probably isn't for you...but I suggest you take yourself a little less seriously and buy it anyway! One of our favorite dates was probably Shape Thifters. The date went like this:

  1. Buy an outfit for your partner (min. 3 pieces)

  2. Based on the outfit chosen by your partner, give yourself new names and use them for the rest of the evening

  3. Do an activity in public (mini-golf, go for ice cream, etc.)

  4. Ask a stranger to take a picture of you

To be honest, I hated the picture our waitress took so we ended up taking a selfie but I also took a picture of Pat in character anyway since it was SO GOOD.

Pat was Jim, a man in his fifties who is going to the Dominican Republic to spend the holidays there. Jim is very fond of the movie Elf and his fanny pack, which is very practical for flying.

I was Bernadette, a bit like a stereotypical librarian. I gave all of the outfit back to a thrift store the very next day. Pat tried really hard to make me a nice (ugly) little outfit, it was AMAZING. You probably understand why I said it's good not to take yourself too seriously.

They also offer a family version and a solo version.


If, like me, you didn't already know this, you might be glad to know that you can use soy wax as a massage oil. All you have to do is burn your favorite Flambette candle, pour the wax into your hands and start to massage the skin! It is recommended not to pour the wax directly on the skin of the back/other body parts, you lil pervs, since it can be more sensitive.

After all, summer is for playing!

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