The Flambette Dictionary

May 19, 2023

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

At flambette, it's not just our products that are made with care. Our language is also carefully chosen, and sometimes we simply have to create our own words to express ourselves properly.

We have developed a small glossary to better guide you through these words and expressions that have now been part of our daily lives for several years.


Noun. Name of a Quebec based company making scented products founded in 2016 and operated by two young women, passionate about design and selfcare. Advocating transparency, authenticity and simplicity. Noun also used to describe something brand new or naked/undressed.

Flambette Blue

Adjective and masculine noun. Shade of blue similar to cobalt which is at the core of Flambette’s corporate image. Generally associated with peacefulness and serenity, it illustrates the mission of its founders very well; to offer products encouraging relaxation and well-being. Flambette blue also refers to trust and loyalty, essential values within this growing company. I'm wearing a Flambette blue dress.


Verb. Carefully crafting high-quality scented products in a workshop with pink floors, while listening to a playlist worthy of a Big Shiny Tunes compilation. I'm Flambetting with my gal pals tomorrow.


Adjective. In a sad mood; A transient gloomy state whose only remedy is a hot bath, a crackling candle and a good book. I feel flam-meh today.

I’m hoping that these few expressions will help you express yourself better, or at least, made you smile. xx

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