Dec 11, 2023

by Roxane Gagnon

The older I get (I feel like the oldest person in the world when writing this, but bear with me), the more I value experiences with people I love more than stuff. Here are some gift ideas that will give you more bang for your buck!

Brodé serré

Want a chill moment with your bff? Marianne (who is absolutely lovely btw) offers some really adorable embroidery kits. It's time to catch up, drink a glass of wine and discover a new skill. You’ll get to enjoy a fun time with each other plus you get to keep a sweet souvenir! 

Creative workshops

If you are also from Trois-Rivières, Le 507 coop has a wide range of activities to give as gifts. For example, starting in January, the schedule includes art therapy classes. Perfect for reconnecting with your creativity and even better together! 

Auberge Saint-Mathieu

This brief gift guide wouldn't be complete without  a dining experience. Do you want to amaze the taste buds of a loved one? I suggest their table d’hôte and perhaps even a night at the Auberge Saint-Mathieu to also take advantage of the wine pairings available. And okay maybe breakfast the next day too. I'm getting carried away! I had the chance to go recently and wow. It's really worth it.

Boire Goulot

Still in the optics of offering a gourmet gift that will delight the taste buds of your loved one, I suggest you contact Lawrence's team, the charming owner of Boire Goulot. Her team of sommeliers comes to your home to add a little extra je-ne-sais-quoi to any event. We had the opportunity to try some of the delicious wines that were available at our most recent market and wow. You have no choice but to experience it yourself to fully understand me!

Finally, here are a few quick ideas that are, in my opinion, sure shots.

My workouts are always better if I feel good in my outfit. Have you seen the latest color from suav, Emerald? It's a local company. It’s fabulous. It’s a big yes from me. 

Speaking of feeling good, Flambette has the ideal product for anyone looking for the best version of themselves. The Feel Good Routine is a guided journal that presents 5 lifestyle habits to integrate into your daily life. Using easy, effective and fun tools, it guides you and encourages you to adopt them at your own pace, one day at a time. Perfect to gift to the person who has a habit of abandoning their resolutions by January 3rd.

Let’s just be clear. If you give an item as a gift, do it with intention. For example, the object made you think of that person and brought you joy. Or, you know that the person you're giving it to is a big fan of the raspberry+vanilla fragrance and that they don't have the reed diffuser yet. Support local when you can and know that if times are difficult, there is always the option of doing a puzzle in your pajamas after eating poutine.

Happy Holidays xx

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