Let's spoil ourselves a little!

Feb 7, 2022

by Roxane Gagnon

It's Valentine's Day in less than two weeks and I know that many partners think they are doing the right thing when they buy a box of chocolates that taste like wax. I am not here to shame you, but to help you!

Here are some gift ideas to spend money on some of our favorite products.


You already know that we love Les Minettes. Their website has a Gourmet Valentine's day section and there are plenty of ideas for a variety of budgets! Of course, the Gourmandise fruitée box is calling my name since it contains two Flambette products, but also because I am a raspberry fan and the Dinette Nationale raspberry paste looks unreal!

If you're like Marie and I, you may find it difficult to find a gift for your boyfriend since Valentine's Day gifts are often feminine and some individuals are not fully in touch with their feminine side... Les Minettes also have a solution for that with their Coffret pour lui! The box contains a jar of Caramel with fleur de sel from La Lichée…OMG!! It may be a little too sticky to massage your partner though.. You are lucky that Flambette created Caresses for that.

Many people have decided not to drink alcohol for 28 days. Why not take the opportunity to help them take care of themselves even more? An extra-self care February? Yes please!

Bend Beauty

Bend Beauty products (Canadian company, yes!) are FANTASTIC. Their Marine collagen helps with collagen formation and has worked wonders for my hair. My hairdresser could not believe it. Who doesn't dream of thicker, healthier hair? I buy the strawberry flavored one and like to mix it with half orange juice half grapefruit bubly. A mocktail worthy of Selling Sunset.

My favorite Bend Beauty product is BEND Renew + Protect Formula. I have rosacea and eczema and this product has worked wonders for my skin. I was a little skeptical at first. I find it hard to spend $80 on me, so I thought this would be a perfect gift idea! This product has helped me feel beautiful without makeup on by helping with my rosacea and has made my skin so much better by clearing up my eczema. These products are available at Les Sublimes.

No need to spend a fortune to please your loved one. Here are some ideas that won't hurt your bank account.

Il était une fleur

For flower lovers, Il était une fleur offers a variety of bouquets and plants for different budgets. I am a big fan of eucalyptus bouquets for the shower. They are perfect for creating a spa atmosphere, but also for clearing up your sinuses, just saying. 

Underground Snax

Once in a while my boyfriend and I treat ourselves to snacks from Underground Snax. They have a variety of products that you just can't find at your usual corner store. From Dunkaroos to the lychee Fanta, there is something to please everyone.


Did you really think I was going to write all this without talking about Flambette? Is the sky blue? My mood changes often (maybe too often..) and my choice of Flambette candles/products follows along. Lately, what teases me the most is the soft morning gift box. The cup is TOO BEAUTIFUL, the candle smells TOO GOOD…can someone please buy it for me? I'm also really looking forward to trying Nektar's coffee. Absolutely perfect gift for coffee lovers. I think it's also a great gift to buy as a couple. If you said to each other  "no Valentine's Day gifts this year", but you both can't live without coffee, it feels like this box is a good compromise, right?

And finally, if you procrastinated, remember that you can ALWAYS rely on your bff: the gift card.

I hope that I have helped you a bit! Happy Valentine's Day my babes xx

Photo: Il était une fleur

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