How to reuse your Flambette products

May 23, 2021

by Roxane Gagnon

I don't know about you, but I love giving a second life to products with adorable packaging.I therefore decided to share some ideas for reusing two of your Flambette products!


Pre-covid, I used my little empty room spray bottle (it used to be Fig + Cypress, if you're curious) to spray water on my succulents. It's perfect for not flooding those little plants that need more love and not so much water!Recently, I've been using it to spray liquid sanitizer on my hands. I keep it in my car and refill it when needed from the big bottle I keep in my apartment. It allows me to free up precious space in my Honda Fit and to keep around the cute and practical little bottle.


Of course, the limited editions that used to be made in enamel mugs are now used as…MUGS! The ceramic jars make perfect pots for your small plants and cacti (like the picture above). If you haven't had the chance to get one of our limited editions yet, stay tuned, we release a new one every season.For our “classic” jars, they are perfect for organizing your bobby pins and hair ties that are found everywhere in your home. You can also use them for your lip balms and other small products in your bathroom. They really match any decor! To remove the remaining wax from the jar, follow these steps:

  1. Put the jar in your freezer for a few hours
  2. With a butter knife or a spoon, remove the wax that will have hardened
  3. With hot water and dish soap, clean the jar

As simple as that! What are your favorite products that you like to reuse?

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