Flambette is going places!

Oct 25, 2021

by Roxane Gagnon

When Marie told me that she was starting to make candles with Tania, I was intrigued. I knew it was going to be really beautiful – they are an absolutely perfect pairing. I remember getting excited when I saw the giant cauldron in Marie-Michelle's kitchen. It was the first big expense if I remember correctly.

Flambette continued to grow, they found the right wicks, Pier-Luc made a wicked website, Marie moved into a house with a room for flambette in the basement and an office, more and more products are created, collabs, Tania quit her job to dedicate herself full-time to flambette… I knew the company was going places, but I think I hadn't realized the magnitude of it until last week when I finally returned to Quebec for a visit.

The small business that once occupied a small room in the basement the last time I visited Marie-Michelle, 1 year and 9 months ago, had now invaded the large basement and the garage. And it wasn't even big enough! They now had to rent a workshop! Flambette has its first location! I freaked out a bit. Unfortunately, when I visit Trois-Rivières, my schedule is tightly booked. I would have loved to help paint, especially the half-brown bathroom, but the girls and other loved ones pitched in and I am SO PROUD and impressed! They work so hard. They never brag about their success, but I want to point it out. Here's a little sneak peek of what their space used to look like. When the renovations are complete we can show you the finished product!

Congrats babes!

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