Five years of flambette

Nov 23, 2021

by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

5 years in a lifetime is not that much. 5 years for a small business is no joke. It's a lot of joy, tears, hurdles, pride, crazy ideas and some not so crazy.

5 years in a lifetime is not that much. 5 years for a small business is BIG. It’s a lot of joy, tears, hurdles, pride, crazy ideas and some not so crazy. It’s having the time of your life coming up with ideas and sleepless nights dreaming about your business plan. It’s a whole range of challenges, and a toolbox that keeps on developing.

They say to choose your partner carefully when you go into business. Me? I couldn’t have chosen any better. 5 years later, I can say it without any hesitation.

Because we wanted to share this with you and because it feels good to see how far we have come, we present to you a summary of the past five years!


September: It all starts with the desire to create something in our image. The idea of candles with a wooden wick sprouts. We do some research, we order some wax and a few containers. We start a whole bunch of tests. The name flambette pops into my head.

October: It works and it's quite successful! We register to participate in a small market at Café Frida. Our 30 candles handmade on the kitchen counter of my humble apartment are selling in record time.

November: Okay, people want more flambette. We buy more inventory, and come up with 9 classic fragrances, which will appeal to a wide range of people. 

December: The Marche Notre-Dame asks to become our first retailer. Woohooo!


MayWe sign our first collaboration with Il Était Une Fleur. An exclusive rose and sandalwood candle.

June: After several months of hard work, we launch our website. (Thanks again, Pier-Luc!) We sell our candles, mists and scented soaps. Our first order is from New York. We are overjoyed. 

September: We sign up to participate in our first Etsy fair. A success and an experience that will be repeated several times over the next few years!


May: I'm moving into my first house and flambette is too! The one-room workshop will soon take over the entire basement.


August: Invested in our artistic and artisanal community, we join forces with other incredible people to found 507; a boutique space for local designers, which will evolve very quickly! (If you don't know 507, take a look at their website!)

October: We collaborate with Mitsou for an exclusive collection in partnership with Etsy!2020:September: Okay, things are going very smoothly. It's time to get incorporated! We are now Flambette inc. (Doesn't it sound serious?)


October: It's a little cramped in my house, it's time to get down to business. We found our first workshop, in the industrial district of Trois-Rivières. (Daddy, are you proud of me?)

November: After weeks of work and renovations, our workshop is ready to receive us! LFG!

November: We celebrate our 5 years! Woohoo! Here are some of our most memorable memories:

For the next 5 years, I wish us projects that match our ambitions, encounters as rich as those we have had so far and lots of margaritas! Cheeeers!

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